DECO ACCESSORIES | Customization

In the conviction to accompany our distinguished clients in the development of their projects, is that we have incorporated our own line of accessories including, cushions, ottomans and floor mirrors.

|Hair on Hide Pillows|

        | DYED ORANGE |                                                      | DYED pink |                                                         | DYED turquoise |                                   | DYED violet |

| Sand Color on Sauce design | 

| Silver on Black Raiz design | 

| Gray Color on Sauce design | 

|Floor Mirrors|

Floor mirror
Code: MIR-518-IR
Material: 100% Natural hide
Measures: 0.91 x 1.82 cm. 
Technique: Handmade
Estructure: Upholstered Wooden Frame
Customization: Available on any hide of our selection